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Used Fishing Boat Sales – Save Your Money for Fishing

By boatingrvcenter • October 30, 2009 12:05 PM

Fishing boats are a lot of fun! It’s great to get out on the water in the morning. I like to wake up early and have a good breakfast before starting out. To me, if the sun is already bright, then I’ve slept too late.

Purchasing a used fishing boat is a good way to save money provided you pay attention to details. You also have to know a lot about boats and motors. Take a mechanic along if you need the extra help. Promise to take him fishing as payment! That works a lot of the time and you gain another fishing buddy in the process.

Choosing the right fishing boat can be a challenge. You have to know what’s important to you. If you tend to fish alone or with one or two friends, size can be on the low end of the range. Remember that shallow water fishing is a lot different from deep sea. The distance you have to travel on the water in order to reach the fishing areas is also important. Obviously you need to carry enough fuel for a round trip with a reserve for emergencies. Speed also comes into play. You don’t want to spend half your day just getting to your location. And don’t forget to include storage for gear and items such as food.

Fishing boat designs vary a lot and depend on intended use. Boats used in shallow waters will not work for deep seas. Shallow water boats have storage and holders for fishing poles, bait, tackle, and tanks designed to hold live fish. They also feature a large, open platform that allows an angler to work the rod on all sides of the boat.

All purpose fishing boats are for those that fish primarily on lakes and streams. They come with space for fishing gear, several bench seats or a few pedestal chair-back seats, and a simple steering station. They can be aluminum, wood or fiberglass and are almost always outboard powered. Most are outfitted with a foot-operated electric trolling motor. Sizes range from about 15 to low 20′s and will carry up to 4 anglers with gear. This type is very popular and can be purchased both new and used at reasonable prices.

Bass boats are faster than the all purpose type and can reach speeds of 60+ mph. They can handle larger outboards with lots of storage space for gear. There is usually a full complement of electronics. Most bass boats are made of fiberglass or aluminum. Sizes range from about 16 to mid 20′s and will hold up to 4 anglers with gear.

Center console fishing boats allow angling from any place on deck because the control console is mounted in the center of the boat. These models are generally outboard powered and a few have small cabins. Sizes range from about 15 – mid 30′s and will accommodate up to 6 people with gear.

Offshore boats are for fishing in big water. They have durable deep vee-hulls made of fiberglass and aluminum. They often come with twin inboards, large fuel capacities for long range and sophisticated electronics. There is a cabin that’s large enough for crew and guests. Sizes are from mid 30′s to 60′s and can carry 6 or more guests with equipment.