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Camping Gear – The Basics for a Good Time

By boatingrvcenter • November 4, 2009 3:39 PM

camping gear rentalCamping can be a fun and rewarding activity for the entire family. Getting away from stress and setting your own schedule brings a feeling of relaxation and accomplishment. But you can’t just jump into an RV and take off. A successful camping trip requires a lot of planning.

First you have to purchase or rent a camping gear. You need shelter such as a tent, cabin, or RV, and you need something to sleep on. This could be a bed, sleeping bag, pad, cot, air mattress, etc. Next up would be food, cooking appliances, and utensils. You also need emergency first aid supplies.

First time campers should take a trip with someone that’s experienced and knows the type of camping gear you will need. This is the fastest way to learn. People that camp a lot already have all the necessary camping gear and can show you how to use it.

There is no need to buy the most expensive camping equipment on the market. Mid-priced camping gear will work just fine for most trips. One area that must be addressed is the type of sleeping equipment you will use. If going to cold areas and using sleeping bags, make sure the ones you purchase are rated for the expected temperature range where you will be staying.

Your first tent should provide adequate weather protection. It needs to be large enough to hold all occupants with gear and still be comfortable. A lot of people use popup campers instead of tents. These work very well and also get you up off the ground. The only issue is setup and takedown time, but this is not really much of a problem if you are going to be staying for a week or more.

Making a bed at the campground is not difficult. You need padding to cushion you from the ground or hard surface in an RV or trailer. Inflatable and closed-cell pads work well. Your sleeping bag goes on top of the pad. Again, make sure your bag is rated for the temperature range. If it gets too warm, you can sleep on top of the bag with a sheet or blanket. Don’t forget to bring a pillow!

Cooking can be one of the more pleasant activities when camping. There are a lot of recipes on the Internet that you can try. If you are good at backyard grilling, you most likely have a lot of different ideas to use. Don’t forget to pack everything you need. Most campgrounds have grills available for use. You can also purchase a propane stove and cook anywhere you like. And there is always campfire cooking. Just be sure to use good safety precautions with a campfire.

Camping gear can be purchased new or used from a lot of resources. There is nothing wrong with buying used equipment and you can save a lot of money this way. Check the gear closely and make sure it works as expected before you buy. If you are looking at something that uses propane or other gas, be sure to check for leaks and worn parts (like hoses) that could be dangerous.